In the aftermath of the deadly shooting that occurred in the once-innocent hallways of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, gun control laws have come to the forefront of concerns percolating throughout America. President Donald Trump has proposed that teachers become equipped with firearms in case of another threat, while others have been lobbying for Congress to make some justfiied amendments to the constitution. 

As the Parkland community continues to mend their broken hearts following the unforgettable tragedy, a teacher employed within the high school has found himself in hot water after leaving behind a loaded 9mm Glock in a public restroom. Sean Simpson, who has proclaimed that he would be willing to arm himself in his classroom, "forgot to pick the gun back up" after using the men's washroom in Fort Lauderdale. 

A man who was heavily intoxicated then discovered the pistol and fired it at the wall, but luckily no one was injured; Simpson returned shortly afterwards to retrieve his possession.

Both men were charged and arrested in relation to the potentially-dangerous flub, with Simpson having to post a $250 bond. The educator will not likely face any discipline at work, as he is legally authorized to carry his Glock around.