Last year, OVO singer-songwriter PartyNextDoor slid through with his anticipated Partymobile album, a project that was met with acclaim from the Canadian's many loyal fans. And though they only recently received a brand new album from PND, many have been clamoring for more. Luckily, it would appear that Party is planning to bounce back with some new music -- a continuation of his Colours series, at that -- if fan interpretations of a cryptic Instagram post are to be believed. 


Scott Legato/Getty Images

Earlier this morning, Party shared a deliberately colorful piece of art, but the true teaser came by way of a palette emoji. Though he didn't exactly say much, its inclusion was enough to spark hype for Colours 3, a follow-up to the sequel released back in 2017. Should he follow his already established tradition, it's likely that this possible third installment will be another EP, which would certainly make sense given that we only just received a full-length album.  

Of course, it's difficult to truly discern an artist's intention when they choose to speak in riddles, though in this case, the Colours 3 theories appear as sound a lead as any. Though we have yet to receive any official confirmation on the matter, sometimes it's best to let the rumor mill buzz and see what happens. Would you welcome a new project from PartyNextDoorparticularly if it's part of the ongoing Colours saga?