Many have argued that PartyNextDoor hasn't lived up to his full potential, though that also downplays his many accomplishments as a songwriter and producer. Truthfully, his touch has helped make OVO Sound what it is today. And while his output isn't as frequent as many would like, the recent release of PARTYPACK seems like a promising sign of things to come

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

A new tweet from PartyNextDoor's account, that has since been deleted, has sparked speculation about his next move. "1 more album left then ima tell y'all what it's like," he tweeted before taking down the post. There are a few ways to dissect this tweet. Some have speculated he's hinting at his departure from the label, though he has never expressed any negative feelings towards Drake and the OVO label. 

Perhaps the speculation that it was about OVO is what made him take it down in the first place. It can also simply be PartyNextDoor's way at expressing how underappreciated he feels, generally speaking. The singer went on a strange rant earlier this year after he received no nominations at the BET Awards.

"When did black entertainment television get so complex and forget Partynextdoor is the rnb artist of our generation?" He wrote in another deleted tweet. "Is it because I don't wanna be friends? Is it because i put value in the art instead of people? Is it because it's not the popular opinion? I am BET I am Complex."

You can't deny Party's influence on the game. Whatever "1 more album left" means, we hope it isn't a sign of retirement.