In the tradition of portmanteau-themed vehicles, following the footsteps of mobiles both Pope and Bat, PARTYNEXTDOOR has officially unveiled the PARTYMOBILE. And while it was supposed to roll into town soon, PND took to Twitter this morning to confirm that the project had indeed been delayed. Granted, for all the right reasons. "To the fans, I’m gonna need some more time to put the finishing touches on this album," he explained. "February... I promise the extra time will be worth it."

 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

While no concrete date has been settled, PND has decided to share the album's reflective cover. Though the title certainly invited the opportunity for an outlandish automobile, PND opted to let the extravagance be implied. Perhaps, and this is a moral here, the PARTYMOBILE is inside of all of us. It's up to us to find it during a time of great need. 

True, it's simple. But it's also effective, presenting a sense of maturity that works in contrast with the title's inherent silliness. One has to wonder if that same juxtaposition will be explored in the music. The party and the hangover. Who is looking forward to the ride? It pulls up this February.