It's no secret that Patrick Beverley is a dog on the basketball court, especially on the defense side, and he can attribute that toughness to his upbringing in Chicago. Born & raised on the rugged streets of the West side, Patrick had a choice in his life to pursue a career in basketball or take his business to the streets. Thankfully for us he chose basketball, but Patrick doesn't have any doubt that he would be successful in any path he took in life.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Patrick opened up about what his life may have been like if he didn't play ball, and in it he reveals he would’ve been a hell of a drug dealer if need be. “I probably would've been the best drug dealer in the world,” the 31-year-old told ESPN.

Patrick recalled a time when he came home from college after being suspended from the Arkansas basketball team for plagiarism, and he was forced to decide to make money on the streets to provide for his then 2-year old child or keep playing ball.

“Mouths need to be fed, you know?” Beverley said. “Coming from where I come from, I didn't have the luxury of having a trust fund. Or money from generations. Or the luxury of hoppin' into the family business, you know?” He added, “It's either hoop or you sell dope.”

He says what really made his decision final was following the death of his friend and little brother, Donovan Morris, Beverley received a call to play overseas in Ukraine. “I'm going to play basketball and not be in his shoes," Beverley said. “People talk about like, I don't know, sacrificial lambs and all that. And of course, I don't compare him to a lamb, but his sacrifice kind of woke up our family.” He continued, “It forced me to go hustle—the right way.

“I can't let myself down. I can't let my hood down, my area down,” he said. “I can't let Chicago down. I got to put on for my city.”