Patrick Beverley was all over the court on Tuesday night as the Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Clippers thanks to a last-second play. While Beverley's team ended up losing, there is still some cause for optimism as the Clippers were able to keep things close in both games. Now that the series is heading back to Los Angeles, the Clippers seem confident they can tie things up, especially since head coach Ty Lue has been so good with his various adjustments.

In the first two rounds, the Clippers found themselves in a similar situation but Lue's coaching proved to be a difference-maker. In fact, Beverley recently told ESPN that their head coach has a pretty good reputation in the locker room and that they like to bug him by referring to Lue as Bill Belichick.

Ty Lue

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“We crack jokes,” Beverley said. “We called T-Lue ‘Bill Belichick’ with all the adjustments he makes. He’s definitely going to find a way.” There are certainly worse things to be called than Bill Belichick, although it is clear that he commands a ton of respect from his players and that moving forward, they still believe in their ability to win the series.

Without Kawhi Leonard, it is going to be tough although if this Clippers team has proven anything, it's that they have much more fight in them compared to last season.

Patrick Beverley

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