Patrick Beverley is one of those players that teams hate to play against. While there have been times that he gets plenty of points dropped on his head, there are other games where he gets so deep under people's skin that they forget how to shoot. Beverley's contributions to the Clippers have been incredibly valuable this year especially with their 10-5 record. With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George dominating the floor, Beverley has been able to excel defensively and it's already made for a championship-caliber roster.

Last night, Beverley and his Clippers took on the Boston Celtics who have been equally impressive this season. In the end, the Clippers came away with a 107-104 overtime victory and Beverley notched his best game of the season. After the game, Beverley was asked about playing against Marcus Smart, who is supposedly just as intense. Of course, Beverley had a perfect response to the question below.

Beverley pretty well dismissed Smart which probably didn't sit very well with him. Of course, Smart has been shaded in the past, particularly by Giannis Antetokounmpo who looked at the score sheet when asked about Smart's impact on the court.

With the Celtics dominating the Eastern Conference and the Clippers succeeding out West, perhaps this could be a potential NBA Finals match up.