Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback in the entire NFL and whenever he is on his game, opposing defenses get absolutely torched. Last season, Mahomes was close to leading his team back to another Super Bowl victory although they were simply no match for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Throughout the playoffs, Mahomes was dealing with a toe injury, and it's clear that he wasn't operating at 100 percent when he was in the Super Bowl.

Since that time, Mahomes has had surgery on his toe and today, the quarterback told reporters how he feels in light of his recovery. Much to the delight of Chiefs fans, Mahomes believes he is ahead of schedule and that he isn't worried about his toe negatively impacting him this season.

As it stands, the Chiefs rely on Mahomes in order to be successful out on the field, so this update should come as good news. The team cannot afford to lose him for any more games, especially when it comes to the playoffs where every single team is elevating their play.

The Chiefs have a great chance of going to the Super Bowl again and if Mahomes keeps up his heroics, there is no doubt they'll be right back in the big dance.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Smith/Getty Images