Over the last three seasons, Patrick Mahomes has arguably been the best quarterback in the NFL. In the past two seasons, he has made two-straight Super Bowls and even won one of them. However, Mahomes lost in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it turned to be the worst loss of his NFL career, thus far. Now, Mahomes has to go back to the drawing board, and fans are hoping to see the young QB bounce back in a massive way.

According to NFL Network reporter James Palmer, Mahomes is already back at work and has been studying film from the Super Bowl. As Palmer reported, Mahomes is particularly interested in the mental aspects of his game and battling his own sense of what's happening around him. Mahomes felt like he missed a lot of opportunities last season, and he wants to change that.

After losing in the Super Bowl, it would seem that Mahomes also wants to work on getting the ball out quicker, and finding his receivers in a more efficient fashion. In terms of arm strength and skill, Mahomes is already well ahead of the pack, although consolidating his mental game would make him that much more of a weapon.

The Chiefs will be in a position to make another deep run next season, and we're sure Mahomes will be ready for that call. In fact, if he does improve his mental game, the league might not have much of a chance.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Smith/Getty Images