Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes says he was nervous about returning to training camp because of the coronavirus, but his fears were alleviated once he saw the precautions the NFL is taking.

Patrick Mahomes, Coronavirus, SafetyKevin C. Cox / Getty Images

"Definitely there's going to be a little concern," Mahomes said of his initial worries, Saturday. "You'd be lying to say you had no concern."

"It's better than I thought coming in," Mahomes explained. "That's kind of put my mind at ease, knowing that I'm going to be put in the best possible situation given this time.

"You can just see that the NFL and the NFLPA are really taking this seriously [with] the social distancing, the wearing a mask."

The NFL Players Association board of representatives approved the league's planned to open training camp on time, Friday. The plan included new protocols for operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says its important that everyone brings the mentality of safety first home with them: "The dedication and staying disciplined when you leave this facility will be important. When you're here, it's a safe environment. You've got to continue that once you leave here."

The NFL's 2020 season is set to begin in 46 days on September 10th.