Patrik Finds A Delicate Balance Of Power & Emotion In "Entitled"

Devin Ch
May 12, 2018 16:58

Patrik shares his vision of a borderless world.

Often times messages of altruism kind of feel like a forced hand. Patrik moves more than a little bit differently. His new video single "Entitled" hopes to inspire people to think beyond the limits of "repetition" without making it seem as though his steps are those of a Messiah. 

The 411 on Patrik goes as follows: He was born in Montreal but relocated to Toronto at a young age. The duality presented by that exchange alone says a lot about his world view. Toronto and Montreal are Worlds Apart even though it makes little sense to turn both cities against each other.

Patrik's music relates to making correspondences on both sides of that invisible border. "Entitled" describes of world of self defeating thoughts and behaviours, as if to say "it shouldn't be so hard for us to get along." Even the video direction communicates simplicity: Patrik minding his business only flexing moderately. A balance of ideals is hard to manage in hip hop without coming across as a sentimentalist.  

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