Patrik's "Diamond" Visuals Show Love To Both Toronto & Montreal

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February 13, 2019 14:28

Stream the Arash Maleki directed video for Patrik's "Diamonds" single.

Patrik's Spadina EP arrived before the new year and featured six tracks that showcased the true talent of the Montreal/Toronto based rapper who has made a name for himself in both of his cities. Following up on the beloved tape, Patrik is here with the official video for the second track "Diamonds" that is a visual mashup of different clips that compliment Patrik's lyrics. 

"[We're] trying to create things differently," Patrik previously stated about his video work. "I got my art director who’s always creating different ways for me to approach different things so having that and having different people to work with is going to be even better for the process."

On the topic of Toronto being a city for upcoming artists, he said "it has this ability to make artists out of nothing, which I think a lot of cities can’t do, maybe in the states like Atlanta, New York."

He added: "A lot of cities can’t do that and the one thing I appreciate the most is that people actually vibrate to the music I’m putting out cause it doesn’t sound like what the city is spreading right now."

Check out the new-new and let us know what you think in the comments 

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