Lonzo Ball wasn't the only player that was booed by the Los Angeles Lakers crowd last night. Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder got all the smoke as well. If you're wondering why he was a target last night, well the answer is simple. George, who is from southern California, was expected to sign with the Lakers in the offseason but didn't. Instead, he re-signed with the Thunder, a move that surprised and angered Lakers fans.

George finished the game with the last laugh though as the Thunder ended up winning the game 107-100. He also had 37 points when all was said and done. After the game, George was asked by ESPN about the boos and had this to say:

"I'm not the only SoCal kid from this area that didn't play here. But I took it with respect. This is an unbelievable organization. [I have] the utmost respect for everybody in their [front] office, for this city. You know, I'm a SoCal native. It's always love here, regardless of the boos tonight. I mean, it is what it is. I came out here, I played my heart out and I just have fun with it."

The Thunder currently sit at a record of 24-13 and are third place in the Western Conference.