Those Pandemic P memes were getting spicy last night, especially after Paul George committed a blunder of a play in the first quarter, passing the ball to a referee and winding up with a turnover.

The Los Angeles Clippers faced off against the reigning champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, last night to open up the NBA season. After the shortest-ever offseason in the National Basketball Association, the Lakers struggled to get their feet underneath them, and they ultimately took a loss in their first game of the season. While the narrative surrounding Paul George following the game deals evenly with his mishaps and his victories, of which there were plenty as the forward finished with 33 points on 13-18 shooting, tons of memes have been going crazy on social media because of George's pass to the ref.

As the Lakers were looking to get a groove going at the beginning of the game, PG13 completed a transition play by committing a turnover of his own, passing to a spot on the court where absolutely nobody was standing, except for an official. As you can expect, people had a lot of fun with the moment, trolling the superstar with jokes before he went off and won the game for the Clippers.

The Clippers may have won the game, and Paul George may have had a great game, but the Pandemic P memes will always live on.