Somewhere along the line, musical legends Paul McCartney and Kanye West became trusted collaborators. Though their joint repertoire was ultimately rather light, it's evident that mutual respect runs deep, particularly where work ethic is concerned. While we previously heard Kanye West sing his heart out over McCartney's practiced guitar strums, it would appear that Sir Paul has officially taken a page out of the Yeezy playbook, implementing heavy use of autotune in his new single "Get Enough."

"I know people are going to go, 'Oh no! Paul McCartney's on bloody Auto-Tune! What have things come to?" he reflected, back in September. "You know what? If we'd had this in the Beatles, we'd have been—John, particularly—would be so all over it. All his freaking records would be…" Of course, many purists will likely throw their hands up in frustration, as if the Beatles weren't one of the most experimental groups of all time.

Though it may feel a little jarring to hear Paul's voice manipulated in such a fashion, rest assured that "Get Enough" packs enough of an emotional punch to please longtime fans. It's certainly reminiscent of Justin Vernon's own batch of Kanye West collaborations, and one has to wonder whether the Sir Paul sessions might have yielded a little more substance had he discovered the iconic plugin sooner. Check out the song now!

Mike Coppola/Getty Images