Paul McCartney graced the cover of the latest issue of Billboard and spoke about the Danny Boyle directed film, Yesterday. The film stars Himesh Patel as a singer/songwriter in a world where everyone's forgotten about the Beatles expect for him. McCartney and his wife apparently snuck into a theater in the Hamptons to check it out.

“I didn’t think anything more of it. Then someone said Danny Boyle would direct it, and I thought, ‘They must think they can pull it off.’ And I thought nothing more of it until they asked if I wanted to see a screening. I asked Nancy, and we said, ‘Let’s go, you and me, on a date to the cinema’.”

He continued: “We were in the Hamptons in the summer and there it was, so we got two tickets and walked in when the cinema went dark. Only a couple of people saw us. We were in the back row, giggling away, especially at all the mentions of Paul McCartney. A couple of people in front of us spotted us, but everyone else was watching the film. We loved it.”

McCartney goes on to discuss his life during and after the Beatles, Kanye West, and more. Check out the full interview here.