Kanye West is one of those public figures that you either love or hate. There's rarely an in between. Nowadays, it feels like more and more people are teetering towards disliking the rapper based of comments he made on TMZ and his support of Donald Trump. However, others don't like him simply based on his creativity and his ego. One of those people is Gorillaz Damon Albarn. In a recent interview, he revealed that he tried to warn Paul McCartney against working with Kanye West a few weeks a go. 

Damon Albarn didn't have many kind things to say about Kanye West in a recent interview with French publication L'obs. Albarn threw shade at Kanye West's creative process for Pusha T's Daytona. Push revealed that Kanye spent a year and a half digging for samples before the album dropped. "I do not sample, I create music..." Albarn said.

Albarn then went on to chime onto Kanye West's collaboration with Paul McCartney.

"Do not get me started on Kanye West ... Kanye West trapped Paul McCartney." He said before the conversation transitioned into Kanye's choice to remove McCartney's vocals off of "FourFiveSeconds. "It’s rude. I have a problem with this abusive collaboration: we’re talking about Paul McCartney, anyway! Kanye West thinks only of Kanye West, using a name to make headlines, saying ‘McCartney is in my song.’ In addition, he puts McCartney in the video of the song, but not in the song itself."

He further explained that he shot McCartney a text to warn him about working with Kanye West.

"Before he decided to work with Kanye West, I sent a text message to McCartney saying, 'beware', but he ignored it, he does what he wants, it's Paul McCartney." He said, "Kanye West is one of those people who feed on other people. "

Clearly, there's a slim chance we'll ever see a Kanye West and Gorillaz collaboration in our life time.