How many times do people need to be reminded that wearing blackface is not okay? A photo of a school principal from a few months ago has started to surface online with many outraged over her attire. According to Philly Voice, the principal at Friendship Elementary School in Pennsylvania thought it would be a good idea to dress up as Steve Harvey for the school's version of Family Feud. It makes sense considering Harvey is the host of the televised show. However, Lisa Boyer wore makeup on her face to appear to have darker skin and people are up in arms about it all.

The photo going around online shows the principal wearing a durag (which is not a signature part of Steve Harvey's look) and fake facial hair. The Southern York County School District has been investigating the complaints closely, focusing on respect for individual diversity in their statement. 

"The School District’s central office administration was advised of the principal['s] appearance later that same day, and the incident was immediately investigated," wrote the representative. The investigation has been completed and the principal was disciplined. The extent of her punishment has not been detailed though.

The President of the York NAACP has said, "That form of entertainment has always been viewed as hurtful and demeaning to black people. We have to have more diversity so people have greater understanding and sensitivity, because I bet if a person of color was in that room, she would have thought twice."