At this point, anyone who keeps up with Drake knows of his affinity for basketball. The OVO head honcho is a frequent guest on NBA game sidelines, often showing out to support his home team the Toronto Raptors. As a global ambassador for the team, he works closely alongside the crew. 

The Toronto native has been chilling in Los Angeles for the past few weeks, hanging out with the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Future, Gunna, and others. He recently linked up with Jordan again courtside at a Sierra Canyon High school basketball game, and fans coming up with theories to try and put the pieces together as to why he's been closely mentoring a member of the team. 

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The high school has received a boost in press after LeBron James' son Bronny joined the roster in 2019, attracting all sorts of nationwide coverage and celebrities to their basketball events. Drake has made appearances to show support for his friend's son, of course, but he's also taken another one of Bronny's teammates under his wing, in player Amari Bailey.

Giving him advice and taking him out to arcades, there seems to be no previously established relationship between him and Amari Bailey, unlike the one he has with James' family. Fans have theorized the outpouring of support from Drizzy is because he's attempting to shoot his shot at Bailey's mother Johanna Leia. 

Footage shared on Thursday (June 17) by Bleacher Report shows Johanna walking in front of Drake and Jordan on the sidelines. “I ain’t notice them boys until 7 seconds into the video,” commented one person. 

Another person wrote, “Lol Drake think he slick sittin next to young bull mama [crying face emoji]." Of course, Drake's motive could just be from the kindness of his heart. 

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