There were a few stars present for the Brooklyn Nets' win against the Minnesota Timberwolves last night. Sitting courtside were Lil Baby and 42 Dugg, who are friends with superstar James Harden. The rappers chopped it up with the shooting guard before the game and prompted the latest meme to pop off, once again making fun of 42 Dugg's short stature.

Not the tallest man on the planet, 42 Dugg has been clowned time and time again on social media for his height. Last night, people cracked their jokes after the rapper was spotted hanging out with James Harden, specifically after they shook hands and Harden bent down to speak with his homies. 

"Harden did not have to disrespect 42 Dugg like this," wrote one commenter, going viral with over 33,000 likes on the tweet. The picture shows James Harden bending over pretty low to address 42 Dugg, who reportedly stands 5'1". "Talking to him like he a kid," added another.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Dugg hasn't commented on the memes breaking out about him but he did tease Harden during the game, posting a video of the star attempting a three-point shot that was unsuccessful. "Gotta make that cuz," he wrote on Instagram Stories.

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