It was believed that Egypt Criss had an advantage over actresses who were up for the role in the forthcoming Salt-N-Pepa biopic. The film is set to air on Lifetime and the Growing Up Hip Hop star believed, along with her mother Pepa, that Egpyt was a shoo-in for the part. However, the 21-year-old, whose father is Treach from Naughty By Nature, learned that she didn't act enough like Sandra Denton to land the role.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The mother-daughter duo visited The Real and talked about how nepotism didn't work out in their favor. "Egypt did audition for the role to play me and...let me tell you the funny thing," Pepa said. "When I was prepping her to play me, I was like practicing with her, 'This is what I did then. This is how it happened.' Because it was my story."

You'd think that if Pepa was giving background on Pepa to audition for the role of Pepa, nothing could go wrong. "When she went for the audition, because you know I’m going to let her do the whole process, she came back out like, 'Mom, everything you taught me was wrong.'" Apparently, production was set on putting their dramatized spin on Pepa's life, whether or not it was completely accurate.

"It was the opposite," Egoyt explained. "She was like, 'Oh, but it's me though?' I was like, 'They didn't want it like that.' It was the opposite. I was like 'Oh, so never mind.'" Meanwhile, Lifetime has already announced that they' finalized casting. Salt-N-Pepa has also been at odds with Spinderella who has been their DJ for three decades and a currently entangled in a lawsuit.