It's been a rough few weeks for Lil Pump, but the rapper seems to thrive off of controversy. The Florida artist has recently stirred the political pot in the rap scene after he came forward to endorse Donald Trump for re-election. Pump was even asked to not only attend a Trump rally, but he was invited to the stage by the President himself to say a few words. While Lil Pump wasn't waving his MAGA flag proudly, the rapper was visiting Tiger King star Doc Antle's zoo. There, he attempted to make friends with an elephant who clearly wasn't a fan.

Antle is seen on video coaching Pump onto the elephant's trunk, but after a few seconds of being lifted, the large mammal tossed the rapper back toward the earth. As expected, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has come forward to condemn Lil Pump and Doc Antle's actions.

PETA's associate director of captive animal law enforcement Debbie Metzler has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture where she calls the stunt "exceptionally dangerous." Metzler added, "Not only is coming into direct physical contact with an elephant’s powerful trunk extremely risky, but Lil Pump’s fall could have spooked Bubbles and led to her stepping on Lil Pump as he landed, or she could have bolted through the crowd and injured any number of bystanders."

She also complained that Pump was in direct contact with a young tiger, something that Metzler claimed is against the law. "Antle has repeatedly allowed celebrities to have direct contact with dangerous wild animals, with little to no regard for public safety. PETA has reported Antle for these types of dangerous stunts, including when Antle allowed rap artist Jin Gates to ride in a car with an adult jaguar on his lap."

Neither Antle nor Lil Pump has responded to Metzler's accusations, but the rapper did share a photo of himself with a big cat. Check it out below.