PETA has been known, for a long time, as an organization with a keen eye for what sells. Ever since getting Pamela Anderson to take off her clothes to condemn the fur industry, they've had a knack for making causes viral (even if, like in the case of their anti-seal hunt campaign, they endanger a whole community's way of life). In their new ad, although nobody gets naked, their use of vegetables as penises is not exactly subtle: 

Likely realizing that "the secret to male sexual stamina is veggies" is a bit vague, PETA went into a little more depth to Metro UK:

The consumption of animal-derived foods has long been linked to artery blockages that cause inadequate functioning of not only a man’s heart but also his other vital organs. ‘In contrast, consuming foods high in fibre – including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – helps scrub the plaque off arterial walls and get blood flowing to the parts he needs it flowing to, improving his love life and bringing satisfaction to someone else. ‘Viagra may help men last one night per pill, but a vegan diet (“vegan Viagra”) will benefit them throughout their lives, which are usually longer than those of meat-eaters.

Some of PETA's past campaigns:

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