Pete Davidson built a "weird little basement to stay away from fuckin' people." This basement is in his mom's Staten Island home. Pretty sweet arrangement, no? The Saturday Night Live star agreed to give Netflix a tour of this man-cave in promotion of his new standup special, Alive From New York, which released earlier this week. 

The basement looks exactly like what you'd expect from a bachelor stoner with a large budget. It's decorated by sports and pop culture memorabilia. It has neon lights lining the top of the walls. It has a bunch of dudes playing video games on the sofa, who are probably perpetually loitering there. It's a smoke-friendly zone, as Davidson puffs a joint while giving the tour. There's a kitchen that has a variety of alcohol and cookies displayed on the counter, which presumably keeps Davidson and his buddies nourished until his mom calls down that dinner's ready. 

Alive From New York has already stirred up some drama, as most standup comedy specials tend to these days. One joke about "gay dudes" suspiciously getting too touchy with Davidson's ladies received criticism. His bit about Ariana Grande was predictably scandalous, even though it was centred on him no longer being scared to joke about her.