Just minutes after praising Kanye West for being honest about his mental health struggles, SNL comedian Pete Davidson decided to share a troubling and cryptic message hinting at having suicidal thoughts.

Taking to his IG, before quickly deleting, Pete wrote,"I really don't want to be on this earth anymore. i'm doing my best to stay here for you but i actually don't know how much longer i can last. All i've ever tried to do was help people. just remember i told you so.”

Since deleted, Davidson’s message seems to be a cry for help. He recently broke up with his fiancee Ariana Grande and had to deal with a controversy on 'SNL' for making a joke about a wounded vet.

For what it’s worth, Davidson went off on trolls online a couple weeks for harassing and bullying him, telling them he wouldn't kill himself no matter how hard they tried to get him to.

Who knows where Pete’s head is at, but it’s pretty clear he needs some help. We’ll continue to keep you posted. Check out his since-deleted post (below).