You know that when a celebrity couple breaks up, you'll be hearing a lot of gossip surrounding them. Right now, there are so many stories going around about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's split that people just aren't quite sure what to believe. They called off their engagement a few days ago and it was reported that the turning point for them was Mac Miller's death. Because of his passing, Ariana could no longer focus all of her attention on her then-husband-to-be. A nasty rumor has been flying around that Pete Davidson sent intimate photos of Ariana to Mac Miller before he passed to give him no hope of a potential reconciliation. Thankfully, considering how messed up the rumor is, we're glad to hear that it's false.

Page Six is reporting that there is no truth to the story going around that Pete sent photos of Ariana to her ex-boyfriend. A source close to Davidson told them that it's false information, and we're sure that a decent amount of the gossip surrounding their situation is also untrue.

Obviously, both Ariana and Pete are having a tough time with this. Hopefully, the rumors dwindle down so they can figure out their futures in peace. 

Since the break-up, Ariana has returned her nearly $100K ring to Pete but she will be keeping full custody of the couple's pet pig.