Peter Rosenberg Details Radio Politics

Rose Lilah
October 14, 2015 16:08

We chopped it up with Peter Rosenberg about his skillset and how radio works during A3C.

While we were down in Atlanta for A3C, we sat down with HOT 97 radio personality/host, Peter Rosenberg, to get the scoop on how radio works as well as how he developed his own skillset as a host/interviewer. HOT 97's Ebro in the Morning is one of the essential hip-hop-centric morning shows if you're in NYC, and Peter Rosenberg is definitely essential to the Ebro in the Morning dynamic. 

I personally wasn't that informed on how the radio works and how songs make their way on to the radio, so Rosenberg's responses were quite interesting. During the conversation, he explained why it is that we often hear radio stations repeating the same popular songs 3 times within an hour, and what requirements are set for American radio stations (which, Rosenberg says, is to have a 'community affairs' show once per week). He also gives us his insight on whether or not payola exists (likely, yes).

He goes on to give us his theory on in-app radio services, which could, in the future, make FM/AM radio dials obsolete.

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