At the top of the month, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg shared his labor of love, Real Late. The project is stacked with heavy-hitters including Raekwon, Method Man, Styles P, Westside Gunn, Smoke DZA, and Jim Jones, and in a recent interview, Rosenberg was asked about a few bars that Jones spit on the album.  

"I believe the direct bar is 'Ask Rosenberg about our very first encounter / He was talkin' slick sh*t it couldn've been his worst encounter,'" Rosenberg began. "Basically, what happened was, I got to New York in '07 and MTV did a 'Top Ten MC' list at that time and Jim Jones was on it."

Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds, Jim Jones
Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty Images

"And Cipha Sounds and I were doing our early morning weekend show at that time," he continued. "And I was just not used to the fact that anyone heard what I said 'cause being in D.C., you could kinda say what you wanted. No one was paying attention to what I said. And then I was not used to the fact that if you just jump out and give an opinion like, 'Why is Jim Jones on this list? That's trash!' I did not realize like, 'Oh, he might be listening himself.' And that's exactly what happened."

Rosenberg said Jones called up the radio station and was ready for a confrontation. "He scared me straight and it was a good lesson," he added. "I'm kinda grateful I learned it at that time because it could've been so much worse." It was then that Rosenberg learned that things not only work differently in New York City, but things change when someone has a certain level of visibility, as well. He added that he's been cool with Jones for a "very long time" and they have repeatedly worked together over the years.

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