Earlier this year, Funk Flex made headlines for naming a few head-scratching artists as "wack rappers," including Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy, and Lil Pump. While some may agree with Flex, many took issue with his inclusion of Nicki on the list. Yesterday, Flex shook things up again by saying that Travis Scott stole A$AP Rocky's style. Both braided rappers have been compared in the past, more for their appearances than their music. The claims originally started out innocently, with Flex tweeting, "Bunch of rappers stole Asap Rocky’s swag! Think they slick!" Things quickly took a turn as he called out Travis as one of the main biters of Rocky's swag.

Hot 97 host Peter Rosenberg took issue with Flex's comments and, though he agreed that Flacko is "an underrated icon that has been copied a lot," he says Rocky should be able to relate to La Flame since Travis' sound has been bitten more than anybody as of late. Rosenberg heavily questions Flex's intentions with his posts, saying that in order to drive people to his Instagram comments, he is creating a "fake beef" between two "awesome, important, great artists." Rosenberg gives Flex a lot of credit for his personal success in the business but is skeptical of his recent tactics.

We've included the video below for you to decide whose side you're on. Do you think Funk Flex is stirring the pot unnecessarily for Instagram views or does he have a legit point?