MF DOOM quietly passed away on Halloween of last year, although his wife did not officially announce his death until December 31st, nearly two months after he had passed. His death came as a shock wave to fans and friends of the influential British-American artist who were completely blindsided by his passing. Since then, a petition has been launched to name a New York Street after the enigmatic rapper.  

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

In the petition launched by Dr. Patrick Graham, the 'KMD-MF DOOM Way Committee' has requested that Long Beach City Council rename a block between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road on East Hudson Street in Long Beach after the late rapper. DOOM, whose real name is Daniel Dumile, grew up in the city.

"Mr. Dumile represents the ability to grow through tragedy and unite people around common themes," Dr. Graham said. "We need more individuals like him during this time of political and social divisions. Mr. Dumile still inspires many young people to view the potential of everyday life. Long Beach should be proud of its native son and honor him and his legacy on a street sign. Just as important, the city should embrace the unity Mr. Dumile represents for generations to come."

It further stated, "Please sign this petition in support of KMD-MF Doom Way. As a native son of Long Beach, a professor, and a public and social sector leader, I know the importance of symbols." The petition has since reached over 800 signatures and you can sign it here

The cause of the influential rapper's death is still unknown, and his family has remained pretty private about his passing since. At the time. of his death, he was said to be "85 percent done" working on the follow-up to his 2004 project with Madlib Madvillainy. We once again extend our prayers out to his family.