Soulja Boy is on many people's tongues right now and has recently found himself on PewDiePie's radar. During his latest news segment, the Youtuber called out the rapper's entrepreneurship. According to him, it seems like Soulja may not have learned his lesson from the issue he encountered with one of his previous gaming products. The rapper has reportedly found himself in a legal situation with Nintendo and risks running into a similar scenario with Sony with his latest SouljaGame Handheld.

“You’d think after Nintendo cracked down on Soulja Boy, he would stop,” Pewds said of the issue. “But no! Soulja Boy is like, ‘Okay, well then - Sony. It’s Sony time, everybody!’”

He continued his critique by citing the knock-off console's price point which was reduced to $99 from its original $200 price tag. “Why should you pay $33 for a product when you can buy the exact same product, called ‘SouljaGame,’ and it’s $99.99?” PewDiePie asked with a sarcastic edge. “Why pay a third of the price when you can pay way more?”

Soulja Boy had previously addressed the accusations in a video posted to Instagram, calling his products "original." The "Crank Dat" artist asked his naysayers to stop calling his systems "knock-offs." He also claimed to have racked in $375,000 from the item at the time. Still, he had already decided to pull the previous console from his E-Store back in December.