Pharrell Williams is definitely having his moment, thanks to a hit single "Happy" and top-selling album G I R L, not to mention multiple production credits on other hit tracks. The creative mind was tapped by W Magazine for their art issue, where the singer discusses upcoming clothing collaborations, including one with adidas, as well discusses his own fashion choices including the infamous hat. As he reveals during the interview, he bought the hat he wore to the Grammys several years back.

"I went into the store World’s End in London with my friend Ronnie Newhouse to buy a pair of boots for my wife. While we were there, Ronnie [a creative director who understands the power and history of fashion like few others] told me that the hat was designed by Vivienne Westwood and was championed by her then husband, Malcolm McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols. I bought two hats that day, and I wore one in a TV interview soon after. No one said anything about the hat. They didn’t notice," Pharrell said during the interview.

The singer also discusses his new ode to women, G I R L, and more. You can read the full interview here. 

Check out the inside spread on Pharrell in the gallery above-- it not only includes photographs of Pharrell, but various art pieces centered around him as well.