It looks like Philadelphia 76ers owner, Michael Rubin, is a fan of Kendall Jenner’s influence on his point guard Ben Simmons. In fact, during a recent interview with Business Insider earlier this month, Michael Rubin addressed a Change.Org petition that blamed Jenner for a recent loss and asked to have her banned from the Wells Fargo Center, the team’s home arena.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Rubin said. “I think Kendall’s awesome. I’ve spent a bunch of time with her.” He added, “I was with Kendall a few days ago and Kendall insisted on going home and getting a good night’s sleep when Ben wanted to stay out for a late dinner. So, Kendall’s been a great influence on him, and we’ve won every game she’s been at but one so far.”

The last we heard the two were not serious with each other but still “hooking up” and enjoying each other’s company. “When she’s not working, she’s been focusing her free time on Ben and flying to Philadelphia,” the source said of Kendall, before admitting they’re not “exclusive” though. 

We'll continue to keep you posted on Kendall & Ben moving forward. Do you think Kendall is helping Ben's game or hurting it?