Philthy Rich, Peezy, Cash Click Boog & Rockin Rolla Deliver "All I Want"

Devin Ch
June 13, 2018 17:44

Philthy Rich keeps racking up miles by the gallon.

Philthy Rich came-a-knocking with expensive taste, an AP and bankroll. The gap between his extensive library of material and the portion of it which has been explored widens with each passing day, not the fault of his work rate or sheer quality. In fact, his ear for production has been matched by few on the Best Coast. Unfortunately his reluctance to change his mob aesthetic have impeded his progress, but the rapper keeps stacking dough on consignment.

On "All I Want" Philthy is flanked by Peezy, Cash Click Boog, and Rockin Rolla, all functioning as Bay Area figures toppled over by action in the streets. Peezy lists his fallen comrades while partaking in a celebration they would called for themselves. Cash Click Boog chimes in from the dark interior, while Philthy continues to unload bundles of currency aimed at the feet of their hired entertainment. Bay rappers keep repurposing the same rigid line. "Reality Rap" is here to stay.

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