Now that the NBA season has been suspended until further notice, athletes don't know what to do with themselves. Simply put, that 14-day quarantine hits different. All jokes aside, many players and teams are beside themselves as they try to figure out what to do with all of this spare time. The Phoenix Suns have seemingly figured it out and quite honestly, it's not a terrible idea. If Coronavirus didn't give gamers enough of a reason to rise up before, it certainly will now.

On Twitter, the Suns announced that the rest of the season will be played out on NBA 2K20 and can be watched on Twitch. Yes, that's right, the Suns are playing the rest of their scheduled games in video game form. This will begin tomorrow as the Suns take on the Dallas Mavericks in the digital hellscape that is NBA 2K20.

This latest move is perfect for the Suns as it means they actually have a chance at making the playoffs. Suns fans have only experienced the Larry O'Brien trophy in video games and with this latest move, we're surely in for yet another unexpected victory. The squad just better hope another bubble playoff team doesn't do the same thing. I mean, if the Grizzlies do this too, the Suns are finished.