His history with narrowly escaping violence is one that has been documented over the years. Former Warner Records artist Phora almost lost his life back in 2011 when he was viciously stabbed and four years later, he was shot at while in a vehicle with his then-girlfriend. The 2015 incident resulted in Phora sustaining injuries to his back and neck from three bullets. Days ago, it's reported Phora and his Yours Truly team were the victims of a drive-by in a puzzling event that occurred as they were making their way to Las Vegas for a meet and greet.

The shooting reportedly took place on Wednesday (March 3) and Phora shared a brief clip to his Instagram Story that concerned fans. It only lasts a few seconds but the rapper is heard asking if the passenger in a yellow Lamborghini is okay as the person is seen bleeding. Bullet holes are also visible in the front windshield as Phora tells his team that they need to make a swift exit.

"Due to the unexpected events that have occurred, the meet and greets in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego are cancelled," a statement reads. "Last night Phora and members of the Yours Truly team were shot at on the highway while headed to Las Vegas for a meet and greet. No further details are available at this time."

"This shooting is currently under investigation and we will provide details/updates as soon as we received them. Please send love and keep everyone in your prayers." Since that time, Phora has been silent on social media. Check out the video below.