Playboi Carti's team could have chosen any billboard in the world to tag over when they decided to cryptically announce the Whole Lotta Red release date, but they chose to allegedly do it over another artist's billboard, pissing off Phora, who lashed out on Instagram.

Phora is currently promoting his new album With Love 2, which features Jhené Aiko, Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. He was shocked to find out that one of the billboards he had commissioned in Los Angeles to get the word out had been vandalized, allegedly tagged over by somebody on Playboi Carti's team

Members of the Atlanta rapper's entourage have been sharing pictures of billboards that were graffitied over in different parts of the country, seemingly announcing a Christmas release date for Whole Lotta Red. One of Phora's billboards was destroyed in the process, which angered the rapper.

"Whole lotta CAP. FUCKING LOSERS," wrote Phora on Instagram Stories, showing a picture of his vandalized billboard. "Bunch of weirdos in LA.. Who don't give a fuck about the next person trying to do something with themselves."

When people starting reminding Phora that he used to do the exact same sort of thing as a tagger, he clapped back.

"World filled with a bunch of fuck boys and clowns who have no respect for anyone because they have no respect for themselves," added Phora. "Could never be me. Some people just raised and built differently though. And yes I used to be a tagger.. I love graffiti. Still do.... But in my graff days, guess what happens when you disrespect someone else's art.. or tag over someone else's shit... U get BEAT THE FUCK UP lol. Tf u n***as mean 'u used to be a tagger' It's about respect towards other artists. Fuckin weirdos."

After his initial reaction, Phora spent some time promoting Mario Judah's own version of Whole Lotta Red, going hard for the artist and continually shading Playboi Carti.

Do you think it was a disrespectful move to tag over Phora's billboard?