2 Chainz grabbed the attention of hip-hop blogosphere at the beginning of June when he was robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco. However, it wasn't attention Tity Boi wanted, and so he proceeded to deny the robbery took place on Twitter. Soon enough, footage of the robbery surfaced, and it was pretty undeniable what went down.

The robber stole Chainz' wallet which didn't have any money in it. He neglected to take the chains and other jewelry that the Hear Weave Killa was wearing though (!?). Now an Instagram user, who may be one of the assailants, has posted a photo of 2 Chainz' stolen driver license and Visa card. 

See the image in the gallery above, via DDotOmen. Seems like "Rule #1" is indeed correct.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the robbery footage below.

[EDIT: The image of 2 Chainz' stolen cards has been removed due to a request from his management.]