Pi'erre Bourne is known as one of the more successful producers from this past year, his instrumentals providing the backbone to some of the rap world's biggest hits. He's worked with the likes of 21 Savage, NAV, Metro Boomin' and Lil Uzi Vert, compiling a resume that would make even the most savvy beatmakers in the world at least slightly green with envy. In a new addition to his Instagram story, it seems like Bourne is nowhere near done with his reign as one of hip-hop's Midas touch men.

Bourne shared some thoughts with his followers late yesterday (December 11th), basically amounting to letting everyone know who the greatest was. "I really birthed a n***a career this year in my f**king sleep," he said. "I gotta crazy gift. That's why I be tweaking on n***as cuz you can't pay for this sauce no more. S**t TOO fye." Strong words from a hip-hop artist who, in the minds of some, still has room to grow, but your mileage may vary with that line of thinking. Check out the full post below.

It's pretty apparent that the career Bourne is referring to is that of Playboi Carti, whose hit "Magnolia" gave both men a red-hot hit to call their own earlier this year. It also opened many doors in terms of career opportunities for both of them. Though there's no telling what exactly Pi'erre Bourne has cooking as his next project, his activity will undoubtedly be closely monitored by all members of the hip-hop community.

Check out our On The Come-Up interview with Bourne below.