Pi'erre Bourne: On The Come Up

Aron A.
October 11, 2017 16:37

Pi'erre Bourne talks Playboi Carti, Metro Boomin' and more on the latest episode of On The Come Up.

Pierre Bourne is slowly growing to become the next go-to producer. Aside from production, he has a clear grasp on the other aspects of creating a hot record considering he can also rap and produce as well. He taught himself everything he knows, for the most part. The rapper was working with Epic Records and later ended up finding a home in Atlanta, where he went to work with Playboi Carti and Metro Boomin. He caught up with us for our latest episode of "On the Come Up" where he gives us insight to his childhood, his come up and working with Playboi Carti, Metro Boomin and more.

Bourne was once an engineer for Epic Records but he quit in November of last year. The idea of quitting a job at Epic Records as an upcoming producer/artist sounds kind of crazy but for Pierre Bourne, it was only the beginning of his success. He says that the same day he quit his job at Epic Records, he later received a call from Metro Boomin' asking him to come to the studio. An offer that came by in perfect timing.

"Picture quitting your job like 'fuck, alright I quitted, what's next? What do I do, like fuck,' you start panicking for two hours. You like 'I don't know what I just did,' and somebody called you like 'the hottest producer in the game right now wants you to come to the studio, are you trying to come through?'" he continues, "I just quit my job, the fuck? Pick me up! I got all my bags with me."

Although he ended up quitting his engineer job at the Epic, he says he later ended up going back to work with Atlanta rapper, 5AM. 5AM's manager later connected him with Lil Yachty's cousin, K. Supreme who Bourne ended up sending beats to. However, those beats ended up in Playboi Carti's lap before the two even knew each other. 

"I gave K. Supreme some beats and the next time I saw him in the studio, he told me Carti got on the beat. But I was confused, 'I gave those beats to you bro. Why did you do that?'" he continues, "I was upset, I was really upset. And then he showed me the video, it was on Instagram. It was Carti in the car playing "wokeuplikethis." It was too late. I couldn't even be like 'I don't like that song.' I liked the song but I couldn't even be like nahh." 

Throughout the conversation, he also talks about the inception of "Magnolia", his childhood in New York City, his come up in Atlanta and other anecdotes about his adventurous career so far.  Check out our latest episode of "On The Come Up" with Pi'erre Bourne above.

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