While Pierre "Pee" Thomas has enjoyed much success as the head of one of hip hop's biggest record labels, Quality Control Music, he has been experiencing some setbacks in his personal life. He has been embroiled in a messy legal battle with his ex-partner Lira Galore over child support and custody. The two have both alleged that the other had been abusive during their relationship, taking their feud into even uglier territory. The latest development in this case is that Thomas has denied taunting Galore during a recent court hearing and wishes for her restraining order request to be dismissed. 

Galore, who also happens to be a social media star, accused Thomas of menacing her at a hearing in January. He supposedly glowered at her, shouted at her and snapped pictures of her in the courtroom. This left Galore feeling threatened and incited her to seek a restraining order that keeps him at a minimum distance of 100 feet. She also felt that Thomas' behavior warranted a court-sanctioned psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is stable enough to see their recently-born daughter, Khaleesi.  

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

According to Bossip, court documents filed last week show that Thomas denied displaying any “menacing behavior” towards Galore at the hearing. While he confirmed that they’d sat across from each other, he claims he didn't exhibit any of the intimidation tactics that his baby mama alleged. He also admitted to having spoken to her at the end of the hearing to request time with his daughter, but insists that their interaction didn't get heated. For these reasons, he's asking the court to dismiss Galore's request for a restraining order and a mental eval. 

Galore is also suing Thomas for $15 million for allegedly abusing her while she was pregnant