In the sports world, the news of Naomi Osaka's withdrawal from the French Open has consumed headlines. The 23-year-old tennis star is sitting at the top of her career as one of the greatest players in the world, but last week, she announced she would be stepping back from doing interviews with the tennis media because she wanted to protect her mental health. The French Open fined her $15K for not adhering to the rules—a fine that Osaka publicly stated she quickly paid—but following the controversy, the sports icon decided to withdraw from the competition altogether because her health is more important to her than a trophy.

While some tennis stars disapprove of Cordae's girlfriend's decision, overall, people have applauded the young star, especially during a time when there have been multiple reports of celebrities passing away from suicide and overdoses. However, Piers Morgan took this opportunity to target Osaka and he attacked her in an op-ed piece.

"*NEW COLUMN* Narcissistic Naomi's cynical exploitation of mental health to silence the media is right from the Meghan & Harry playbook of wanting their press cake and eating it," Morgan tweeted, once again mentioning Meghan Markle, a woman who he has been accused of harassing for years after she never contacted him following their meet-up for drinks. According to Morgan, Markle visited London, they went out for a drink, and she met Prince Harry later on that evening.

People quickly clapped back at Morgan and accused him of being vile, racist, and obsessed. The public pointed out that his behavior is why Osaka withdrew in the first place, but he said she only backed out because she faced backlash for criticizing the media. "This criticism is damaging to my mental health. Delete," he tweeted to a Twitter user.

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