Following the explosive new Oprah interview featuring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the entire world has been in awe, but no one has been more pressed to talk about it than Piers Morgan. Earlier this week, Piers Morgan took to Good Morning Britain to air out the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and he was subsequently dragged by one of the show's guest speakers as well as called out by one of his GMB colleagues for his biased coverage of Meghan Markle. After a rough start to this week, Morgan stormed off the set of GMB and announced that he was cutting ties with the show.

It doesn't appear that Morgan is taking the split well, however, as the former Good MorningBritain host has been spamming his social media accounts with some unflattering posts. Citing free speech as a defense for continuing to speak on Meghan Markle, Morgan slams Oprah's interview with the alienated British royals by casting doubt on the validity of Markle's statements.

The controversial broadcaster also hinted at his unprofessional outburst on the set of Good Morning Britain, claiming that he is responsible for the show's allegedly historical ratings. Check out Morgan's petty social media rant below.