According to ESPN, The Pittsburgh Steelers may have the upper hand when it comes to the stalemate with Le'Veon Bell. Their sources say that Bell has been constantly inquiring about the stakes of his current holdout. Team officials really don't think the holdout will last much longer. Until he does report, Le'Veon Bell will remain in Florida where he is currently training in the event of snap decision.

Bell has already lost $853,000 for the opener against the Browns. The game is current being televised, the Steelers leading 7-to-nil in the 2nd quarter. On the PR front, Le'Veon Bell's agent maintains that his client is willing to sit out for as long as it takes to reach a resolution. The stumbling block seems to be Bell's unwillingness to shoulder a heavy workload with future contract lingering on his mind.

He hopes to be in peak health this time next season with another franchise, if he doesn't eventually come to terms with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are not allowed to discuss a contract extension at the present moment, per league rules. Either Bell accepts the franchise tender or the trade his rights to another team, preferably outside their division. Unfortunately the team seems unwilling to explore those options.