After months of playing games, Playboi Carti finally announced the release date for Whole Lotta Red, boasting an exciting new feature from Kid Cudi. Arriving Christmas Day, Carti took to social media to enthusiastically announce its release date on Tuesday. "AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I t0LD U ! I L0v3 u PRE 0RDeR NOW," he wrote on his socials. Along with announcing the release date and pre-order, Carti also unveiled an accompanying merch line for the project. While many fans were enthused, the line has landed the rapper in hot water with rock band Falling in Reverse who accused Carti of stealing an idea used for the band's own merch.  

Ronnie Radke, the frontman of the alternative band, addressed the rapper in his Instagram stories, posting a screenshot of the garment in question, a black shirt with an inverted cross intended to look like Jesus' body. Written upside down on the shirt is "Falling in Reverse." "@playboicarti cease and desist mr rapper boi stop stealing," wrote the band's frontman. 

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Radke continued coming for the Atlanta rapper, adding underneath the post on his Instagram page, "Take my band name off your merch on your store.. Or I'll just take all the money you late from it. Either way," Radke wrote. Fans of the rapper took no time to come to Carti's defense, calling his band "irrelevant" among other things. Radke fired back at his fans, adding, "my band is huge, had the number rock song for over a year. The F*ck you mean ?"

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Carti has yet to respond to Radke. The Whole Lotta Red merch has certainly been controversial, with many fans confused about the artist's vision. Despite all this, it seems the rapper is excited for the new era. 

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