Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea have been the most interesting yet pretty cute couple to enter the celebrity dating rink. At first, their dating debut brought on a few negative speculations, with people thinking Iggy was with Carti for money. Iggy was quick to cancel that rumour, jumping on Instagram with a few words of her own. 

"I'm 100% sure I know what we both have; I've been in the game longer although it's not about that at all...but please don't ever try to play me when it comes to my bag cuz one thing I DONT need is a man for money," she wrote. Now that most of the negative banter is over with, Iggy and Playboi still prove to be going strong as they were seen at the airport seemingly getting ready for takeoff in their best travel attire. 

Other than the couple traveling together, we recently posted about the potential of them collaborating together. Iggy posted a very album-cover-looking picture to her feed with a heart emoji (of course) as well as a parental advisory sticker. We may be reaching here, but we aren't cancelling the idea so fast considering it's happened before with couples, many times over. 

If and when they do drop a track, just remember we told you so.