Every time an election rolls around, there's always an abundance of young people who choose not to make their way to the voting stations. Whether that's because the candidates don't represent their views or another reason, there's definitely a problem with youth voting. People are making a real effort to change the trend as artists like Taylor Swift reportedly caused a massive swing in voter registration by encouraging people to let their voices be heard and express their democratic rights. While it's nice to be reminded of how to register, another incentive to get people to vote is to give away free stuff, which is something that the organizers of iVoted know all too well.

In an effort to increase the number of people heading to polling stations, iVoted is offering voters a chance to win free tickets to concerts in your town. For the most part, the shows don't seem too interesting unless you're a fan of Good Charlotte and Drive-By Truckers. However, acts like Playboi Carti and Toro y Moi are also participating, giving voters a chance to see them live for free.

All the details are available on the iVoted website but here's a quick rundown. Depending on the venue and city, you'll need to provide proof that you voted, usually with a photo outside of your polling station. This will probably work a little better than simple encouragement.