Back in November, Lil Uzi Vert tragically informed his fans that he was no longer on the best terms with Playboi Carti. Uzi and Carti rose to prominence simultaneously and, essentially, hand-in-hand. They collaborated frequently and were often spotted together. They were the leading duo of the new school, sharing rockstar aesthetics and experimental inclinations. Learning that their friendship dissolved was a tough pill to swallow, one that made their overlapping fanbases nostalgic for a more joyous time. 

As is often the case, sadness over these circumstances has translated into anger. Now that Lil Uzi Vert has released his long-awaited sophomore album Eternal Atake, fans are lashing out at Carti for not following suit with his own long-awaited sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red. If you go to Carti's last Instagram post - a fit pic from eight weeks ago - you can see that the comments sections is being flooded by frustrated fans. Most of the harassment echoes the same complaint: Your "ex" dropped and you haven't. What are you gonna do about it? 

Playboi Carti Trolled Eternal Atake Whole Lotta RedBennett Raglin/Getty Images

"Uzi rly flexin on u," claimed one commenter. "Your ex flexing on you whatchu bout to do😳" wrote another. Someone shared their belief that Uzi even dissed Carti on Eternal Atake. The following bars on "Lo Mein" were interpreted as a shady reference to Carti's hit "Magnolia": "I'm with my boys and no we don't milly rock / Funny money no this is no silly guap." 

Other people weren't trying to fuel a feud between the two rappers by getting Carti to drop his opposing project, but were hoping that he would hop on the deluxe version of Eternal Atake. Uzi has been teasing that additional tracks with high-profile features are arriving imminently, but when asked about the possibility of Carti appearing, he claimed he didn't even know where he was. "I hope you ft with uzi rn..." wrote a fan. 

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