Someone called in a favor, for Playboi Carti to turn up at a 12-year-old Jewish manboy's coming of age recital. You heard me right, Playboi Carti is seemingly available for private bookings, even religious ceremonies. The event, captured by attendees who then posted the video transcript on Reddit, paints Carti as a "man of all people," a secularist with a tendency to dabble in religious arts - maybe even a passer of great fortune, on his best day.

As you can see (below) the manboy ended up upstaging Carti during their group performance of "Shoota." With the "truth-seeking" part of the ritual well in the bag, the onus was on getting the crowd undeniably lit.

The boundless energy in the dance hall was palpable to those who stood in close proximity, including an adult-woman dressed in an evening gown. She stood behind the stage set up so as to ensure everyone's feet remained balanced. Considering Playboi Carti was attempting his first "Hora" stepover, safety was on everyone's mind (a "damage deposit" was written into his contract).

This is inevitably Playboi Carti's strongest in-concert showing since he worked SNL with Nicki Minaj in the springtime. Over the weekend, Carti reportedly grew frustrated with the festival crowd at Camp Flog Gnaw because they weren't doing enough "moshing."

That was then, this is now: this manboy's rites of passage ceremony certainly provided whatever gall was lacking at Dodgers' stadium.