Playboi Carti remains one of the game's fascinating -- if divisive-- artists. Notorious for his infantile cadence, penchant for repeating his words, and apparent detachment from the responsibilities of reality, some have found it difficult to buy into Carti's experimental musicianship. Yet others have become captivated by his mystique and singularity, celebrating Whole Lotta Red as one of the most interesting projects in some time now. Suffice it to say, hip-hop fans tend to be split on what Carti is bringing to the table, but damned if he hasn't been capturing attention all the same.

Playboi Carti

Ser Baffo/Getty Images  

Now, with Whole Lotta Red already having aged a few weeks, Carti has already set his sights on the Deluxe edition. Following Lil Yachty's tease that he'd be appearing on the album alongside Future, interest has been growing at a steady rate. Some have even speculated that the fan-favorite track "Kid Cudi," which many concluded would be a surefire inclusion on Whole Lotta Red, would make the final cut on this tracklist. On that note, Carti has been relatively open about crafting said tracklist, going so far as to ask fans which songs should be included

Though some wondered whether Carti would be recording any new music for the WLR Deluxe, it would appear that the rapper has indeed hit the studio, presumably to lay some new vocals. Of course, it's entirely possible he's simply overseeing the arranging process, opting to listen to the Deluxe on the studio monitors. Either way, Whole Lotta Red Deluxe is coming, whether it features new songs or unreleased fan favorites. Will you be tuning in?